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HaloNet.Net is first and foremost simply a domain. As of July 2018, we've started a Wordpress site and it's coming along nicely. HaloNet.Net website

The "idea" of HaloNet.Net is to bring together various Halo related subjects such as HNET® and the HAC2 map repo.

There is also a Discord server: HaloNet.Net Discord. The Discord server will have channels devoted to any Guild or Clan member servers where HNET® will announce joins, quits, and official sessions and meets.


HaloNet.Net members can apply for dedicated hostnames for their Halo servers. If you have a server whose IP address may change, it is required to have a DDNS hostname that we can CNAME to in our DNS.

The Realworld Guild is a member of HaloNet.Net and has dedicated channels in our Discord.